by Amelia G August 25th, 2009

Q: What is the subject of this blog?

A: Additional projects and accomplishments of Blue Blood contributors, including writers, photographers, models, illustrators, designers, and others.

Q: How can my projects and I appear on this blog?

A: If you are already a Blue Blood contributor, please just send over info on what you’ve got going on. If you would like to become a Blue Blood contributor, you will find writers guidelines on the contact page and a model submission form and a photography submission form on BlueBloodPhoto.com.

Q: How do you decide what date to post an update?

A: I post stuff as I come across it. Each post is dated when the book came out, when the magazine on-saled, when the event was announced, when the site update went live, etc. The post date will match the actual appearance date and not necessarily match the date the post went live here.

Q: How do you determine the tags?

A: There is generally a tag for each project and for each contributor. In order to keep tags useful and streamlined, this particular blog does not have tags for descriptors other than contributor and project.

Q: Do you own all of the girls in this blog?

A: No. Although Blue Blood has had the occasional contract girl over the years, with appropriate accompanying expanded perks and pay, I am not down with the whole branding-women-like-cattle thing. There is pressure to go that route in the current marketplace, but I just don’t enjoy it. I like to work with cool interesting people who have a lot going on.

Q: How did you choose the blogroll links on this blog?

A: Off the top of my head, I tried to select only interesting blogs with similar demographics or mindsets. 100% of the linked blogs are people who have either written up Blue Blood projects or contributed to Blue Blood directly or both. If this list looks like something your site should be linked up on, please just drop me a line.

Q: Is this an exhaustive directory of everything everyone who ever contributed to Blue Blood has ever done?

A: Nope. This blog starts with July 2008 and afterward and I’m sure there are always more cool things which could be added. Please contact us with any news we may have missed which is July 2008 or more recent. (Just didn’t have the energy to start in 1992 and cover all the intervening years; that would be a heckuva project.)

Q: By telling the world about something a Blue Blood contributor has done, are you taking credit for it?

A: No. I am giving credit where it is due.

Q: By promoting something in this blog, are you saying it is great?

A: I hope that Blue Blood contributors will do only great things, but nobody hits a home run every time at bat. If I really don’t like something, I suppose I might not post it. There is, however, no endorsement implied, unless explicitly stated.

Q: Can you give me permission to use one of the pictures in this blog as an album cover?

A: No. Although the overall blog falls under a compilation copyright (Thanks to Carrie Carolin for link.) held by me and Blue Blood, almost all of the photos in the blog are, by editorial definition, representative of work done for someone other than Blue Blood. You will probably need to contact whoever the photographer is in each case, although some images may be owned by the publication, rather than the shooter. If you are writing an article about an update, one image is generally considered fair use, but removing credits is a no-no and it is nice to give linkage to both the original source and where you found it. (I’m not an attorney, so please seek legal counsel, if you must have an answer you can construe as legal advice.)