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Penny Poison on Cam (PICS)
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Emily Grey on Cam (PICS)
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2021 AltPorn Awards: Best Rave Shoot Nominee (PICS...
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2021 AltPorn Awards: Best Rave Shoot Nominee (PICS...
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2021 AltPorn Awards: Best Punk Shoot Nominee (PICS...
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Penny Poison on Cam (PICS)
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Happy Tartan Day!
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I've always had a thing for the wild and crazy punk rock girls. Outspoken, dangerous, volatile, and always up for some exciting mischievous hijinks. They push your limits for fun and adventure. The sorts of girls that would break into abandoned buildings with you just to have sex on the roof while your heart pounds from the thrill and fear of getting caught. Hot girls like these have no fear though, they are truly living for today. And sometimes you are lucky enough to be along for the ride. On the flip side, they will also throw bottles at your head, set your things on fire, disappear for days or weeks, and then just show up again out of the blue with new colors in their hair, new scars, new tattoos, and probably new wild stories to tell. Crazy girls like this can really test your love for them, and you know they will almost assuredly get you in all kinds of trouble, but their fiery passion is just so hard to resist. Besides, you will probably end up with some cool stories to tell of your own.

My first girlfriend used to get the most sexually excited when she was setting things on fire, my second was a huge Sham 69 fan with spikey pink hair and a pot leaf shaved into the side of her head and a
penchant for punching people in the mouth. Pretty much every girl I was ever seriously attracted to was some kind of felon, arsonist, car thief, occultist, foul mouthed rebel hellion. Unbelievably hot girls that most people were too scared to even look in the eye. But there was always a certain honesty, no passive aggressive games, you always kinda knew where you stood.

Ever since Amelia G brough me on board to help with the look and feel of Blue Blood, first as a desiger and later behind the camera, it has been my goal to visually communicate the brightly burning spark and beauty of these sorts of girls and boys. These are the cultures I've always been a part of and their amazing qualities sometimes seem to be overlooked and misunderstood. There are behavioral characteristics manifested by profoundly disappointed optimists and idealists that can come accross to the larger culture as simply crash and burn nihilism. We capture the astounding good in them, along with their wicked, fun, trouble-making, playful, sexy, intimate sides.
-- Forrest Black

Jax Jenner Christ Szandora
Bella Vendetta


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