What is this blog?

by Amelia G August 26th, 2009

This blog is the digital incarnation of the print Blue Blood magazine’s contributor page. Every print issue used to have a contributors page to promote the other projects of Blue Blood’s writers, illustrators, photographers, models, and everyone who helped make the magazine happen.

I know that, when I find a creative person whose work I enjoy, I try to seek out everything they have done. If you just can’t get enough of a particular Blue Blood contributor’s work, this blog will aim to help you find more of their cool creations.

It is challenging to bring all the aspects I love about print publishing to the web. I realized that the contributors page is one thing I was missing. BlueBlood.net articles sometimes cover projects by contributors, but that coverage is limited because BlueBlood.net is a safe for work site and contains no editorial nudity.

There was much more of a sense of community during the zine explosion, a feeling that I had peers who faced similar trials, tribulations, and triumphs. It seemed like all the cool projects promoted one another. Maybe I was just more oblivious then. But, on the internet, it often seems to me like many people have this Highlander approach to whatever their project is, where they act like there should only be one person on planet earth who does remotely what they do.

I founded Blue Blood in 1992 to celebrate a community I was very much a part of. When I gave Steve Jackson Games a writer’s contact info or White Wolf gave me illustrator contact info or I gave an author Circlet Press’ calls for submissions or a Blue Blood writer gave me Masquerade Books’ editor guidelines, these acts of sharing were not aberrations; they were the whole point.

I understand the world is a different place now, and some of the people and projects Blue Blood is promoting in this blog would not promote me or Blue Blood, if our situations were reversed. Some assuredly would promote me, my projects, and Blue Blood if they had the opportunity, as many have already done so. But, yes, not all. Sometimes I practice the Golden Rule Corollary and I treat others as I believe they will treat me, but I’m just going to go with the straight-up Golden Rule on this one and treat others as I wish to be treated.

If you are a Blue Blood contributor, print or online, this year or distant past, and you have a new project, we’d love to hear about it and promote it here. Please drop us a line.

Edit: I think I’m going to start posting some of the Blue Blood VIP updates news here too because people keep asking me about it and I guess that makes good sense.