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2021 AltPorn Awards: Best Rave Shoot Nominee (PICS...
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Penny Poison on Cam (PICS)
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Scar Ariel X Pink haired beauty give a great blowjob
Although my tastes tend to be underground, I feel a mighty compulsion to bestow them on others. This is part of why I am totally jazzed by shooting in naughty places.

Full disclosure here: I have probably orgasmed in the workplace at pretty much every job I have ever held for more than two weeks. And I don't mean just the sexier jobs I've done. I'm including designing advertising for Delta Airlines and creating consultant presentations for Ernst & Young and building a basketball floor. I mean, I generally had the decency to head to the ladies room for a few, rather than touching myself at my desk or on the stadium floor. But I don't really support that whole divorcing one's sexuality from the rest of one's existence thing.

Truthfully, when I came to punk, it just gave me an explanation for the mindset I had already. I moved a lot as a kid. When I got to college, it was my 12th school in twelve years. So I've never been big on going along with silly societal norms just because. When my favorite cousin dared me to throw a frosting flower at him, during a formal country club event, I didn't hesitate. Years later, it struck me as equally appropriate when, while the late night hostess at Denny's failed to seat us, one of my leather-jacketed friends repeatedly screamed, "Come on, let's go to IHOP. Please. I'll lick your nipples until they bleed!" Only by this time, I could just chalk it up to being punk, rather than more complexly finding making scenes in public places intrinsically hilarious.

Mind you, although I loathe Denny's, I've had relations there, as well as, of course, the more traditional airplane bathroom. I can tell you which elevators at my university had glow-in-the-dark stars on the
ceiling if you stopped them and turned the lights out. I can tell you that Boskone used to be held at a hotel where, although the elevators made no noise when stopped, hotel security could tell when you did it anyway.

I've done photo shoots in all sorts of naughty places. A hotel stairwell with a convention guest who had just announced at a panel he was on that he had to leave early to shoot for Blue Blood. A crowded laundromat. A casino hallway. A store window with a traffic jam being caused in front. A variety of the expected graveyards. When my friend Andrew quit being in charge of White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade line, he offered me the position as part of luring me to Atlanta but warned me it sucked. Following his advice, I declined the White Wolf job, but I accepted his offer of temporary warehouse space at the location of his new video game company. I guess he is going to know now that I totally induced GWAR to fuck in his warehouse. He got me back by flooding the place later I guess.

I'm looking forward to doing lots more guerrilla shoots and publishing them here. This is because I was absent the day they handed out the rulebook and I am endlessly amused watching others struggle when the senseless rules they attach to things are broken. Being able to think out of the box is important and being naked and sexy in unusual places is just darn entertaining.
-- Amelia G

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