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Dana Dark

I almost adore Dana Dark too much to write a profile of her. Dana is a DJ, a promoter, an instigator. I first met her because, being a magazine junkie like me, she had a collection of editions of Blue Blood magazine in print. She snail mailed me and Forrest Black some nude snapshots of her in an envelope made of fine red paper stock and filled with spooky confetti. That pretty much sums up how Dana does everything. Every place she lives has the perfect decoration in every nook and cranny. She and Scar 13 are similar in this fashion. Forrest and I have photographed Dana Dark for erotica, fetish, and fashion and, if there were a Spooky House Beautiful, we'd just have to shoot her for that too.

To give you an idea of how much I felt Dana is perfect for Blue Blood, I actually talked to her on the telephone before photographing her the first time. Forrest and I were going to be staying with her in Texas, so it is not weird that she wanted to chat first, but I'm generally uncomfortable on the phone. I tend to just use it for conversations like "is the party you are at better than the party I am at?" and "I'm just looking for parking and I'll be there in a sec." But it was worth it to meet Dana Dark, even though our first convo was awkward as she compared herself to Bettie Page and I think she is way hotter than Bettie Page. Since then, I've actually seen Bettie Page fan sites which mistakenly use photographs Forrest and I shot of Dana as Bettie pix. Since then, we have also spent many evenings talking through the night about anything and everything.

Forrest and I have photographed more than two thousand people and Dana Dark is still creatively on the same page as me and Forrest Black more than anyone else we have ever worked with. In many ways, Dana is the last of the current models who first stepped in front of the camera solely for the purpose of expressing her sexuality and her aesthetic, because it was cool, because it was something she deeply and importantly wanted to do. There are certainly plenty of people today who care about the art, but Dana Dark feels to me like the last of the people I've worked with where that is 100% of the point.

Forrest and I have done all sorts of crazy shoots with Dana. Everything from electric violet wands to vintage lingerie pinup to outdoor flashing to extreme makeup. If you were wondering, among other things, Dana is turned on my uniforms and crying, but we could never figure out quite how to shoot that to best suit her. Dana has modeled fashion lines including Shrine, Retail Slut, Versatile, Drac-in-the Box, Azrael's Accomplice Designs, and even a T-shirt line based on her. Forrest and I have shot her for,,, Marquis, Draculina, Penthouse, Penthouse Fetish, Gothic Beauty, and Tattoo Savage, including hot poster action because everyone needs Dana Dark on their walls. She has also appeared in other places ranging from Skin Two to DVD Talk.

Dana also performs with darkwave band Psychonaut 75 with Michael Ford and co. which has the self-expressed aim is to create soundtracks for magickal rituals. Psychonaut 75 has received critical acclaim in magazines including Orkus and many other scene magazines which call Dana "the hottest Bondage and Fetish Girl on the web!" As well they should. Dana Dark is the real deal. I think at least half my guy friends want to marry her.

--Amelia G, Los Angeles, December 2005

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