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Justine Joli

Blue Blood published a number of photographers’ photos of the ethereally beautiful Justine Joli before Forrest and I actually photographed her ourselves. Justine really is that beautiful in person too and she is smart and self-possessed in a very rare way. Justine Joli just may be the easiest person to take a good photo of who I have ever worked with. Most people take a while to warm up, but she is just good to go. She explains, “I grew up in the mid-west. Meaning I have a fantastic work ethic but as far as sex I’m twisted!”

I first met Justine in an elevator in Las Vegas where I’d actually stepped into the wrong one because the casino was so gigantic. It turned out to be the right one in a way, as I met Justine. We later hooked up to shoot at a comics convention. Justine is big into her Adult Swim and some of her favorite movies are Blade Runner, Princess Mononoke, Blade, Vampire Hunter D, Hackers, Buffy, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek flicks.

Justine told me she was waiting the whole time at Comic Con for someone to quiz her on Douglas Adams trivia or something, so she could annihilate their preconceptions about amazingly good-looking women. I’m picturing a very special sort of fannish domination there, which actually sounds kind of hot.

The spectacular Justine Joli has appeared as a cover, centerfold, or pinup for nearly every men's magazine in creation, including Barely Legal, Cheri, Club International, FHM, Hawk, High Society, Hustler, Taboo, Oui, Penthouse, Perfect 10, and Taboo.

A kind of cool tidbit which came up, after Forrest and I had completed shooting Justine for the first time, was that she mentioned that, at an impressionable age, she had seen an HBO special on vampires which featured me and Forrest and Blue Blood. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Incidentally, if you are thinking that Justine Joli looks a lot like another hot chick named Swan, she briefly used that name when she first started modeling but much prefers the name Justine Joli. So please call her Justine. Doesn’t she look like someone you would want to please?

--Amelia G, Los Angeles, December 2005

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