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Scar 13

Forrest Black and I were eating with another Blue Blood photographer from the print days at our favorite late night Brazilian haunt. The place delivers until 4am, so usually we donít go there in person, but Iím glad we did this one night. The staff photographer from Bar Sinister came in and we invited him and his date to sit at our table. His date had just won a prize in a dance competition and, after announcing this, he pulled her wig back to show the purple hair beneath and was like I know you want to shoot her. The dance contest winner of course was Scar.

Since then, Forrest Black and I have shot her for Gothic Beauty, Marquis, Folsom Street Fair Guide, Rubber Dollies, Gothic Sluts, Barely Evil, and SWAG. We had a blast with her when we flew her out to be one of our booth babes for BondCon in Vegas and just about town in Los Angeles.

Scar has the most flawless girl parts I have ever seen in person. Her enthusiasm is wild yet controlled. She owns her sexuality in a truly empowered wholly modern way. More women should be like Scar.

In addition to being beautiful and sexy, Scar is an extremely talented painter and artist who creates evocative works based on her life experiences. And even more importantly, Scar has great strength of personal character is just a really good person. Just about every day, I believe someone's life is improved just because Scar passed their way.

--Amelia G

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