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Hot Gothic sex in New Orleans with Nixon and Tankboy Goth-industrial sex with adorable Alexxa Hex and Omen Kellie and Andy LaPlegua
The original Blue Blood print magazine erotic pictorials featured only interactive sets of people who would actually have sex in real life and they were photographed doing whatever they really liked to do when the camera was not there. A significant percentage of the people who posed were either married or living together at the time or later tied the knot. None of us did it for the money at the time. It was about celebrating ourselves, our choices, our sexuality, our lives.

People often ask me if I shoot softcore or hardcore. I suppose Forrest and I started off shooting interactive couples and later shot a higher
proportion of pinup work. But, to me, the terminology is meaningless. There is only true and beautiful versus false and ugly.

Blue Blood has always been about rejecting the notion that being artistic or different somehow means you are not entitled to the rewards of the larger society. Just because you have an unusual haircut does not mean you are not entitled to love. You deserve the same love as anyone. And maybe a bit kinkier sex.
-- Amelia G

Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee naked outdoors and making out with toys Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich go exploring together naked Scar 13 and Kitty Von Klau


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