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2021 AltPorn Awards: Best Rave Shoot Nominee (PICS...
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Penny Poison on Cam (PICS)
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Although a lot of the top models for what we think of as fetish magazines started off as deathrockers, a lot of fetish clubs used to be very hostile to leather jackets or other items considered too cool or something for their true fetish dress code. The funny thing about the fetish world's reaction to punk is that Nancy Spungeon worked as a dominatrix when Sid Vicious toured the U.S. with the Sex Pistols. When Michelle Olley was the editor of Skin Two, she once sent me a fax from England which said, "Old punk rockers never die; they just grow up to work for glossy fetish magazines." At the time, she was getting a lot of resistance to wanting to put people with brightly colored hair in latex. And I think we were both excited by the global immediacy of facsimile technology. This strikes me as quaint now, but that is just the cycle of all techno fetish. Today's sexy tech is tomorrow's Amish butter churn.

England's Skin Two was the first magazine besides Blue Blood to publish Forrest Black's and my photographic work. For many years now, we have
covered the American fetish scene for Germany's Marquis magazine in our Big in America column, which is now translated and published in, not only English, but German and Russian as well. We've sponsored fetish events in many cities now.

At any rate, technology progresses and fashion changes, but sexual fetishes are enduring. There are people who would like to codify sexuality with slogans like, "safe, sane, and consensual." Who gets to judge sanity? I find people who yammer about what constitutes "true fetish" tend to just be trying to dare someone to sleep with them or else risk being labeled with rude sloganeering. Blue Blood is here to assure you that there is no right way to have sex. Whether you fetishize fashion like rubber or leather or a particular haircut or you fetishize a particular activity or body part, there is no special correct way to make love or fuck or masturbate.

But we do know what we like.
-- Amelia G

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