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Chad Michael Ward
Senior Photographer
(Sets: 95   Images: 3142)
Iím not sure when I first became aware of Chad Michael Ward. It feels like it was somehow an organic process. I think we maybe first made contact when he was editing an art site from San Francisco or some place like that and Forrest Black and I were shooting in Los Angeles, but it seems like maybe we just knew a lot of people in common. At any rate, I love Chadís spooky combinations of photography and digital artistry and Iím so pleased to be able to bring his Sin Garden creations to a Blue Blood audience. Chad also occasionally contributes design work to the Blue Blood network. In many ways, Chadís areas of expertise are the perfect fit for what Blue Blood is about. His clients range from Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf Games to Marilyn Manson and Relapse Records to ABC/Disney and Evil Angel porno. Chad says his main creative interests are erotica, horror, and fantasy art. Some of the magazines his work has appeared in include NME, Third Alternative, Pit, Dark Realms, Gallery, Skin Two, Tattoo Savage, Club International, Metal Hammer UK, Gothic Beauty, Marquis, Hustler, and Spectrum. I think of Spectrum more as a serial coffee table book. Which brings me to Chadís four coffee table books Black Rust, Autopsyrotica, DevilEngine, and The Pain Box currently in progress. ĖAmelia G, Los Angeles, November 2005


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