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Carlos Batts
Senior Photographer
(Sets: 25   Images: 1786)
I first met Carlos Batts a very very long time ago at a comic book convention in New York City. Blue Blood was exhibiting and Carlos was there to promote his work with Penthouse Comix. At the time, I believe he was just starting to shoot alternative fetish in the Baltimore area. Carlos’ magazine credits now also include Swindle, Vibe, Hustler, National Enquirer, Maxim, Urb, Leg World, Taboo, Fetish, and Extreme Fetish. He has worked with bands ranging from Danzig to Snoop Dog to The Distillers. In addition to participating in many anthologies, Carlos has become best known for his photography through the two huge coffee table tomes put out by his European publisher, Wild Skin and Crazy Sexy Hollywood. The work I first saw tended towards more of a unique style of erotically charged mixed media collage. Carlos’ newest book American Gothic showcases more of this side and comes complete with a stylishly creepy video with a similar feel. I’m so pleased to be able to bring Carlos Batts’ entire spooky catalog of erotica to a Blue Blood audience. Some small percentage of these photos have appeared in magazines and books, but sometimes it is really exciting to be able to see the artist’s entire series on an interesting subject and not just one lonely image. There is a certain raw truth to his erotic work which perhaps could only have been captured on film at one special moment in time when Carlos did it. –Amelia G, Los Angeles, November 2005


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