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Forrest Black and I first photographed Domiana when we were covering the Los Angeles Fetish Ball for Blue Blood and Tattoo Savage. She dressed as a devil with horns and pale blue contact lenses and shiny black PVC and her golden-tressed sister dressed as an angel in white. A photo we shot of the two of them ended up as a poster for Tattoo Savage. We hung out a lot after that and I even helped Domiana come up with her modeling name. (It could have been Dominique or Malkavar.) We photographed her for of course Blue Blood and Tattoo Savage and also for Marquis, Gothic Beauty, Gothic Sluts, and Extreme Fetish. Justice Howard, another Blue Blood photographer, since the magazine’s days in print, photographed Domz for the covers of Skin Art and the Pain body modification magazine. Blue Blood photographer Carlos Batts included Mistress Domiana in his much accoladed Love Hurts video series and even put her and Azreal on the box cover of volume 2.

Mistress Domiana is one of the two models most responsible for Blue Blood finally making the inevitable jump to the web. A photographer named Steve Diet Goedde saw Forrest’s and my first photos of the busty fetish queen-to-be and asked for a model referral and gave us a membership to his black and white fetish art photography site as a thank you. He advised me that he thought Blue Blood would do very well on the web and, seeing that he had not had to compromise his vision to make a membership site was very encouraging.

A lot of people see Domiana’s photos and assume she has to be the world’s bitchiest ice queen, but she has a softer playful side. She and Azreal were totally game to pour beer all over a hotel room with the Backyard Babies when I wanted to and Domiana is responsible for turning me and Forrest on to the Teletubbies when we used to be strictly Sesame Street.

--Amelia G

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