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Even though Blue Blood totally owns Spooky Hotties, Kellie is the only person we have booked off of the very popular profile rating site so far. Kellie was just so amazing looking in terms of both beauty and uniqueness of personal style that I had to drop her a line. I then immediately dropped the ball, but Kellie is used to taking care of organization for both rock stars and mental patients, so, when she touched down in Hollywood, California, we were going to shoot and it was going to happen. Iím so glad she was so on top of it because she is such a pleasure to work with.

Kellie actually got formal training as a fashion model in junior high. But, she confides, "When I was a teenager, I used to masturbate to the NIN videos for "Sin" and "Closer," and Madonna's "Erotica." She says she got off on "the blood, the cute boys with the strap on, the bondage yum!" Then, in her late teens, the final lure of the pervy grabbed her, "when I first saw the Genitorturers in Florida and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I picked up some Blue Blood magazines at DragonCon that same year. I'd say that's what started it."

Humorously enough, although we sold a crazy huge number of copies of Blue Blood magazine at DragonCon the year she stopped by our exhibitor booth, Forrest and I both remember Kellie and the cute friend she stopped by with. Kellie is that distinctive and memorable. Seeing that girls who looked like that lived in Georgia might have been one of the reasons that Blue Blood was briefly located in Atlanta. Darn it.

So we impacted Kellieís life and she impacted ours and now we work together to create beautiful imagery and share it with the world. Kellie actually represented Blue Blood at DragonCon this past year. Whoo-hoo! It all comes flawlessly full circle. Since becoming re-acquainted with her, we have photographed Kellie for Gothic Sluts, Barely Evil, Rubber Dollies, Marquis, Folsom Street Fair Guide, and the Blue Blood Boutique. Kellieís amazingly adorable doggie Pika has also modeled for the Blue Blood Boutique. Kellie has appeared in The Horse motorcycle magazine and a variety of other quirky venues.

Kellie has also done band interviews for Blue Blood. She is studying latex clothing construction with Melissa Coffey from Vesperi. Most importantly, Kellie plans to create comic books in the future. Just as she sports artwork created by Jhonen Vasquez of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fame on her body now, some day I suspect Kellieís fans will be inking themselves in the image of her fantasies.

--Amelia G, Los Angeles, December 2005

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