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Outspoken hottie Jax may or may not be in truck driver school right now. You never know what she is going to do next. Jax is an accomplished equestrian and all around interesting woman.

I think Forrest Black first met Jax, oddly enough, on LiveJournal, where she contacted him with some portfolio work she had done. Since then, we have photographed her in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Arizona and had a lot of fun doing so.

The first thing the viewer notices about Jax, of course, are her lavish body modifications, including not only extensive ink and piercings but a forked tongue. She says she was living in Turkey and doing runway modeling work when she saw her parents get their first tattoos and has been in love with mods ever since. She is currently planning to get "silicone implants under my wrists, my ears pointed, and transdermals on my forehead." This feisty bottom is not shy about describing her other fetishes either. She says, "I always liked it a little rough and weird in bed. I craved for someone to dominate me and leave me helpless and wanting more. That helped push me into exploring other areas, started doing pictures, and now its a major part of my life. Leather because I love the smell of it. Metal most definitely, I have a very big metal fetish. I love the way it looks and feels on my skin. I'm a huge boot whore, the more metal added to them and the higher they come up to my knees, the more I'll do just about anything for them. Uniform fetish, I love those boys and girls in any sort of uniform. Oh my. Add some big boots and you've weakened my will." Whew. That is a heck of a description.

Marquis, being in the know, published photos of Jax early in her time in front of the camera, but her credits go on and on. She has appeared on HBO and Playboy TV. Her magazine credits also include Equus Eroticus, Skin and Ink, Playtime, and more. Her website credits are truly diverse, including Blue Blood's, Blue Blood's,,, and, among others.

--Amelia G, Los Angeles, December 2005

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